“Rachel wants a hit every time she is at bat, and she puts in the preparation to make that happen again and again.”

Stacey Woelfel, Director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism and Former KOMU 8 News Director

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my page.

From scrounging through dumpsters to capture video of real rats to documenting a dying man’s last wish to baptize his son: I push myself to extreme lengths to tell the best story possible.

I learned the power of storytelling through my role as a broadcast journalist, where I pitched my own ideas and brought them to life by shooting, writing and editing stories under tight deadlines for daily newscasts. For years, newsrooms in Missouri and Tennessee were my home away from home.

I returned home to Chicago in 2016 to pursue media relations, where I was able to gain great experience at a nonprofit organization, the Illinois Policy Institute. There, my top goal was to ensure top Chicago news outlets covered the Institute’s research in a meaningful way. Through media placement analysis and tracking, I created strategies that ultimately increased the brand’s positive image by 20%.

Many of my responsibilities as a Media Relations Specialist spilled over into my current role as an Account Manager at Strat Labs, a strategic marketing agency in Denver empowering brands to grow and engage their communities while refining their voice. For each client, I write and distribute press releases and pitches by developing relationships with media and influencers, while also developing their overall ad and communication strategy. I create editorial calendars, target media lists, and tracking reports to keep us ahead of the news cycle while also crafting written, graphic and video content for client and internal communication channels.

My favorite part of working at Strat Labs is the opportunity to build a strong team. I’ve established myself as an integral player in streamlining operations, leading an intern program, and increasing internal communication on agency initiatives and growth opportunities. 

Put simply: I like breaking down complicated information or processes into understandable, relatable content or communication.

Outside of the office, I’m an overenthusiastic dog mom who can’t refuse a beautiful hike on a sunny day – or a brunch invitation.

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